Mile High City lifer. Past creative chair of Ad Club Denver. And VP, Creative Strategy at Heinrich. Through no particular plan, I've spent most of my career in Hospitality & Tourism and Restaurant marketing, with forays in Education, Healthcare and Finance. You hang around long enough, you get to do a bit of everything, I guess. Some highlights?

  • I was the creative director on Colorado's Come To Life campaign, which returned a 331:1 ROI to the taxpayers of the state.

  • I led the team that took Chili's from 104th to 38th on the NRN's index of restaurants on social media.

  • I helped launch multiple long-running content platforms, including Pinnacle Bank's Community Matters, Ask American Crew, and Enstrom Candies' Giving Is All We Get.

  • I’ve spoke on the relationship between data and creativity at Denver Digital Summit, Colorado Ad Day and 99u, among others.

I'm also responsible for eight books, including Shelf Unbound's Best Indie Novel of 2015. And I record, perform and publish my own audiobooks, podcasts and music.

My favorite thing in the world is a blank page. My second favorite is a full one.