Mile High City lifer. Past creative chair of Ad Club Denver. And co-ECD at VJ with somewhere around 150 awards to my name. Through no particular plan, I've spent most of my career in Hospitality & Tourism and Food & Beverage, with forays in Education, Healthcare and Finance. You hang around long enough, you get to do a bit of everything, I guess.

Some highlights? I was the creative director on Colorado's Come To Life campaign, which returned a 331:1 ROI to the taxpayers of the state. I led the team that took Chili's from 104th to 38th on the NRN's index of restaurants on social media. And last year I won 65% of my new biz pitches.

I'm also responsible for eight books, including Shelf Unbound's Best Indie Novel of 2015. And I record, perform and publish my own audiobooks, podcasts and music.

My favorite thing in the world is a blank page. My second favorite is a full one.