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Modern life is a mess. Distractions and data send the message that people don’t matter and success is just another word for anxiety. I’ve spoken about how we can change that at 99u, the Colorado Press Association, the AIGA, Ignite!, Caffeinated Mornings, Colorado Ad Day and Digital Summits all over America.

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Marketers are from the black heart of Hades

This talk explores the changing relationships marketing has with the Press, the People, and creative culture.


the open office doesn’t have to suck

The modern open office is physically killing workers, stifling creativity and lessening productivity. This talk shows how to change that.


creating content without mass panic

Modern marketing means data and content. How do you integrate them without losing the potential for creative leaps and big ideas?

Matt is a fantastic public speaker who captivates you with his infectious passion for advertising. Nobody drifts away to their smartphones during his presentations—unless they’re recording him. - Tonja Roth, Executive Director of Ad Club Colorado
As the host and organizer, I remember his talk to this day as a stand out, simply because of his preparation, presence and energy. Super pro. Super authentic. He connected instantly with the crowd and left an impression that set the bar for future guests. - Jay Ferracane, Caffeinated Mornings
Matt was funny and provided excellent real-world examples of marketing campaigns he had worked on. He was funny, engaging, and relatable all while providing useful toolkits and plans for us to make use of. - Digital Summit audience feedback